A 5-part framework for talking about racism at work

Dylan Walsh from MIT Sloan School of Management shares a five-part framework using the acronym “BRAVE” to help corporations navigate the important conversations about race that are happening in the workplace. Recognizing that these conversations are high-stakes, there is an emphasis placed on remaining open to all viewpoints while demanding a willingness to listen.

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Journal Prompts

  • Dylan Walsh discusses the impact of fear on difficult conversations. How does fear around conversations of race impact forward momentum in efforts toward racial equality in your organization?
  • In the “Build” principle of the 5-part framework featured in the first article, there is an emphasis on ensuring racial conversations do not devolve into generalized diversity conversations. How can you keep the conversation specific and focused? How can you redirect the conversation if it changes paths?
  • The “Validate” principle of the 5-part framework from the first article addresses the legal complexities of acknowledging discrimination in the workplace. How would you encourage conversation about disparate lived experiences while still maintaining positive employee relations?
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