Anti-Racism Journey for Educators with Students

This extensive K-12 anti-racism resource was developed in partnership with Microsoft and a team of experts in the fields of equity and inclusion, restorative practices, and educational technology. US2s Founder, Megan Fuciarelli, was honored to be among the team that created this resource. It was designed to provide teachers with a social and emotional learning-based approach to exploring anti-racism with students. There are 6 modules each containing multiple units/lessons (7-12) to help educators build their knowledge and skills around their own understanding of racism so they can successfully lead their students in dismantling racism in both their classroom and larger community.

Access material here.

Journal Prompt

At US2, our 6th Core Principle states that “Growth occurs in discomfort.” In reviewing the Microsoft Anti-Racism Journey, in what module do you think you will first be challenged outside your comfort zone due to the content or terminology? Our 1st Core Principle is, “Guilt and politeness are the glue that hold prejudice and stigma in place.” If you’ve never discussed anti-racism with your students, what norms do you think will be needed to help your students get past the guilt and politeness of discussing racism while still treating everyone with kindness and respect?

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