Addressing Ageism Part 1: Societal View of Ageism

“Addressing Ageism Part 1: Societal View of Ageism” is a webinar series that focuses on raising awareness about ageism and its impact on the work of professionals who serve older adults. The aim is to help individuals recognize ageism and take steps to reinforce positive views of aging, with the ultimate goal of creating a more age-friendly environment within their organizations.

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Journal Prompts

  • What are some examples of ageism that you have witnessed in your personal or professional life?
  • How do negative stereotypes about aging and older adults impact the way society views and treats older adults?
  • What are some steps that you can take to challenge ageism and promote positive views of aging?
  • What is one small thing that you can do to create a more age-friendly society, where older professionals feel valued and supported as professionals and colleagues within your organization?
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