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    “Class Action is a national nonprofit that inspires action to end classism.” The main method of inspiring action is via trainings, webinars, and summits. However, the Class Action website has many resources to explore including in-depth definitions about classism and its intersectionality with race, gender & religion, a bibliography, a film list,compilation of 99 local and national anti-poverty and hunger organizations, articles, and a children’s book list.
  • Resource Generation: Class Privilege Patterns In Times Of Stress And Uncertainty
    Resource Generation is an organization of young adults who believe in acknowledging their class privilege and using that knowledge to create true social change. This portion of the website leads readers to a self-assessment about class privilege patterns, and more resources for assessing class privilege within the workplace can be found throughout the website.
  • Economic Policy Institute
    The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) researches many aspects of the impact of social and economic inequality, exploring their impact on topics such as minimum wage, unemployment, and financial stability. EPI has created chartbooks of demographics within various industries to examine the effects of classism.

Journal Prompts

After exploring one or more of the websites, reflect on the following questions:

  • In what ways can your company/organization use an awareness of class privilege to create positive change and educate others?
  • Are there ways that you as a company can make a difference for the community in which you are based?
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