Are Schools Doing Enough to Identify and Combat Ageism?

This article explores the issue of ageism in schools and the steps that need to be taken to address and prevent it. It highlights the negative impact of ageism on students and how it can perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The article further emphasizes the need for educational institutions to play a more active role in promoting positive attitudes towards older adults and combating ageism. It also suggests various strategies that can be implemented to educate students about ageism and foster intergenerational connections.

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Journal Prompts

Reflect on the following quote from the article Are Schools Doing Enough to Identify and Stop Ageism: “Ageism is the most underreported bias. It is culturally acquired and almost everyone over a certain age has experienced it.” Consider your own attitudes towards aging; do you agree or disagree with this statement? How have your attitudes been influenced by society and culture? What must educators consider in order to shift narratives about aging in educational institutions in order to create a more positive and inclusive culture?

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