Eliminating Gender Bias in the Workplace

Eliminating Gender Bias in the Workplace – YouTube

Bossy, pushy, and aggressive — women who display assertiveness in the workplace are perceived more negatively than men with the same behavior. This video examines pervasive gender bias and the impact it has on the workplace, while also proposing tactics to eliminate it.

Journal Prompts

  • When considering the “Eliminating Gender Bias in the Workplace” video, several terms are shared that are often stated about women versus men when it comes to being assertive and holding positions of power in the workplace. Have you ever used these or similar terms about someone in the workplace? When reflecting, do you notice any link to gender in the way you interpret assertiveness and your first thoughts about leadership and power dynamics?
  • In the final video from Brut America, the concepts of ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘concrete ceiling’ are discussed. Have you heard the phrase ‘concrete ceiling’ before? Why do you feel identity impacts our society as much as it does?
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