How Sexism Has Become the New Normal for Girls at School | Kalliope Kourelis

Kalliope Kourelis is very passionate in making sure every person is treated the same and given equitable opportunities. She speaks on how sexism is ‘normal’ for girls at school, citing the daily inequalities they face and how they are often overlooked. She wants to make sure people notice these injustices, raise awareness, and, most of all, understand that sexism is a huge problem in the world.

Journal Prompts

  • Kalliope also discussed being taught about women in society only during the month of March. As educators, how do you incorporate the impact women have in our society on a regular basis? What pieces from Kalliope’s video do you plan on reflecting more upon? How can you make what is ‘normal’ today, ‘not normal’ in the future?
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