How we raise our boys is key to a gender equal future

In this article, the authors discuss the importance of raising boys in a way that promotes gender equality and helps to eliminate the gender pay gap. The article features the perspectives of three leading advocates who believe that by teaching boys to value and respect women, and by challenging gender stereotypes and norms, we can create a more equitable future for everyone. They also emphasize the need for societal changes, such as policies and programs that promote gender equality, as well as individual actions and attitudes that challenge gender bias and promote equal opportunities for all genders.

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Journal Prompts

The term “toxic masculinity” has given society a way to discuss and refer to negative or harmful male behaviors. However, if this is the only term you hear, it may become equated with masculinity overall. The article from Forbes proposes the term “aspirational masculinity,” explaining “If we can raise our boys with the ability to embrace the positive messages and push back against the harmful ones, as we aim to do with girls, the world would be a better, more equitable place for everyone.” Do you promote positive messages about boys and girls in your classroom? If so, what are they?

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