Implicit Bias – How We Hold Women Back

Implicit Bias – How We Hold Women Back | Maureen Fitzgerald | TEDxSFU

Maureen Fitzgerald, a lawyer, author, and gender diversity advisor, believes that sharing the right ideas at the right time can change the world. After facing discrimination in her career, Maureen proposes several much needed changes to the way we discuss sexism in the workplace.

Journal Prompts

  • Maureen discusses the burden often put on women to address sexism. How does your organization work to eliminate gender bias? Who is responsible for ‘owning’ the work? How can you shift the focus to include all members of your organization?
  • Maureen discusses three types of implicit bias regarding sexism. Do you relate to any of these implicit biases? How do these implicit biases impact our society?
  • Maureen mentioned quotas, flexible workspaces, and transparent pay as possible solutions to work toward gender equality. How do you feel about these options? What do you see as opportunities to reduce gender discrimination in your organization?
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