Journal Prompts #1

  • “A child’s future should not be predetermined by the circumstances of their birth.” “Public education is our greatest collective responsibility.” “We can start (saving our schools) by caring about the education of other people’s children.” Which of these statements did you connect with the most from Kundu’s TED Talk? Why? What solution that Kundu shared for public education would you like to see implemented in your district, or one nearby?
  • How is your school district funded? What kind of cultural capital do your students have? How do the opportunities of students who belong to traditionally marginalized groups have compared to those of the traditional majority? Compare your district to one close by that has different answers to these questions. Which district has the “more successful” students? How is this perceived and talked about in your area?
  • Does your school or district discuss social class at the elementary level? If yes, how is the topic introduced? If not, would you like to see it discussed? Why or why not?
  • When you listened to the Sound of Wealth, how did you respond intellectually, emotionally, and/or physically?
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