Journal Prompts #4

  • “They enter high school knowing that their lives are different from the media’s depiction of an American teenager, and this math lesson helps explain those differences.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement from the scatter plot of inequalities lesson article? Why?
  • The scatter plot lesson employed powerful tools to be effective. Which ones do you think were most effective or would you be sure to use if you employed this activity for your students and city? (Actual data from local zip codes, senior student-mentors for freshmen students, examining what data reveals about the city, asking for a final analysis of what can be done)
  • As a teacher, imagine bringing your whole class to your home. What would you feel good about showing them? What would you feel uncomfortable having them see? What snack would you serve? What might they be most curious about?
  • How could you have your students share their homes and family heritages? Create a lesson plan around this idea that is creative and realistic to implement for your students. How could this activity/lesson promote an age- and content-appropriate conversation around classism? Be sure to include the essential questions that your lesson would answer.
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