Racial Discrimination in Hiring – Beat the Bias in Your Job Search

This “Job Cast” virtual workshop from Indeed, one of the largest services in the U.S. to match job seekers with employers, discusses what racial discrimination looks like in hiring and how job seekers can be aware of the potential for bias in the hiring process. The experts in this video share tips to help reduce potential racial bias while still maintaining pride in one’s identity.

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Journal Prompts

  • If you are involved in the hiring process at your company, what are steps you can take to check your implicit bias to prevent it from influencing your hiring decisions?
  • Have you ever had to consider if your resume will be denied by an employer based on your actual, or perceived, race? If so, how has that impacted the way you moved forward when seeking your current career? If not, what aspects of privilege made it possible to not have to change your resume to blend in?
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