Rebels: Kathleen Lynn

“Rebels: Kathleen Lynn” highlights the life and work of Kathleen Lynn, a rebel and trailblazer for women’s rights and health care in early 20th-century Ireland. Kathleen was a doctor, suffragette, and a leader in the Irish Citizen Army, fighting for independence and equality. She dedicated her life to improving health care for the poor, and her efforts had a lasting impact on the lives of women and children in Ireland.

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Journal Prompts

  • What were some of the specific challenges and obstacles that Kathleen Lynn faced as a woman in medicine and in politics, and how did she overcome these challenges?
  • How did Kathleen Lynn’s work as a physician and her involvement in political activism impact her views on health and social justice, and how did she work to advance these causes in her professional life?
  • What role did Kathleen Lynn play in the fight for women’s suffrage in Ireland, and how did her views on gender equality and women’s rights intersect with her political activism?
  • How did Kathleen Lynn’s experiences and activism demonstrate the broader challenges and obstacles faced by women in professional fields, and what lessons can we learn from her experiences today?
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