The Age Gap | Anika Kumar | TEDxSDSU

The Age Gap | Anika Kumar | TEDxSDSU

In her TEDx Talk, “The Age Gap,” Anika Kumar explores the concept of ageism and its impact on individuals and society. She discusses how ageism can manifest in subtle ways, such as assumptions about a person’s abilities or interests based on their age, and how these attitudes can lead to exclusion and marginalization. Kumar also highlights the need for greater intergenerational understanding and cooperation, emphasizing the benefits of building relationships and learning from people of different ages. She offers several strategies for combating ageism, including challenging ageist stereotypes, fostering empathy and respect across generations, and promoting age-inclusive communities and workplaces.

Journal Prompts

  • In Anika Kumar’s TEDx Talk, she states that “perpetuating ageist mindsets helps to facilitate an ever-widening age gap;” in your opinion, what can educators do to shift ageist attitudes towards youth in schools? How can such an approach help to promote improved understanding and intergenerational cooperation in your classroom and school community?

  • Anika Kumar embodies the CHANGE that she wishes to see in the world in her personal anecdote about serving in a nursing home community where she heard stories of residents that reached her heart and changed her ageist perceptions. What actions can you commit to in order to combat ageism in your personal life and professionally?

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