The “opportunity gap” in US public education — and how to close it

The “opportunity gap” in US public education—and how to close it | Anindya Kundu

Sociologist Anindya Kundu delivers a compelling Ted Talk about how to close the “opportunity gap” that he has witnessed firsthand in Illinois and New York and that keeps so many students from lower-economic backgrounds from thriving. The students need schools to meet their needs, and the schools need everyone to be part of the solution.

Journal Prompt

A child’s future should not be predetermined by the circumstances of their birth.” “Public education is our greatest collective responsibility.” “We can start (saving our schools) by caring about the education of other people’s children.” Which of these statements did you connect with the most from Kundu’s TED Talk? Why? What solution that Kundu shared for public education would you like to see implemented in your district, or one nearby?

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