The ‘S’ in STEM: Sexism in STEM classes places barriers for underrepresented students

Recent efforts have aimed to acknowledge and address the changes needed to prevent under-represented groups from being deterred away from STEM careers. However, the daily obstacles women and nonbinary people must overcome indicate that there is more work to be done.

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Journal Prompts

Sexism in STEM appears both on campus and in the working world. The initial article examines classroom culture, intersectionality, non-engineering majors, the effects on mental health, and finding solutions. Which section addressed concerns that you have for your students that may be entering the STEM fields? One issue highlighted is how women tend to take on the role of balancing emotions when doing group work in engineering classes. Do you witness this in your students, as well? How could you encourage all students to feel responsible for the cohesiveness of the group?

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