Truth and Power: Global Stories of Women

  • US2 returns to The Moth as a premier source of authentic and engaging
    storytelling. In keeping with our 4th Principle, Seek to impact someone’s heart, which will ultimately change their mind, we know that powerful stories are what touches people’s hearts and can affect change. In this hour, you will hear about stories of female strength and empowerment, independence at any age, refusing to participate in sexist societal conventions, and the complicated layers of
    motherhood. Specifically,
    • 95-year-old park ranger Betty Reid Soskin squares off with an intruder. (11:10)
    • Purity Kagwiria chooses a name for herself. (3:35)
    • Timothy Bell discovers that there are more layers to his mother than meets the eye. (7:58)
    • Musih Tedji Xaviere attempts to get her first novel published. (9:58)
    • Nya Abernathy discovers who gets lied to the most: pregnant women! (5:20)

Listen in here.

Journal Prompts

  • After listening to the 5 stories from The Moth, consider these questions:
    • What expectations of (older) women does Betty shatter? What expectations have you, or the women in your life, proved wrong?
    • How does Purity get around the patriarchalism of names in Nigeria? How have you, or someone you know, had to be creative in the face of a sexist bureaucracy?
    • Timothy remembers growing up in fear of his mother. How does her death change this? Have you ever had your perspective of a person shift after they were gone from your life?
    • Musih met with a lot of doubt and resistance from her family and the publishing industry. Her hard work and determination led her to find the helping hand that she needed. When have you, or someone you know, had to persist to break a sexist barrier?
    • Nya felt lied to about being pregnant. However, she also felt infinitely more powerful after giving birth. What stories have you heard from people about being pregnant and/or giving birth? Do you think our society lies to women about pregnancy and childbirth?
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