Want to feel young and live longer? Change what you believe about aging

In the podcast “Don’t let ageism define you. How to enjoy life at every stage” by Andee Tagle and Audrey Nguyen, the hosts discuss how ageism can negatively impact an individual’s self-perception and ability to enjoy life. They explore the different ways that ageist attitudes and stereotypes can limit older individuals’ opportunities for personal growth, career development, and social engagement. The hosts also highlight the importance of challenging ageist beliefs and embracing a positive attitude towards aging, which can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. They share practical tips for staying active, maintaining social connections, and pursuing new hobbies and interests at any age. The podcast encourages listeners to reject societal expectations and stereotypes about aging, and instead embrace the unique opportunities and experiences that come with each stage of life.

Listen here.

Journal Prompts

  • In the podcast, Don’t Let Ageism Define You: How to Enjoy at Every Stage, Becca Levy discusses the importance of relationships and social connections as we age. What does your organization do to promote intergenerational connections through opportunities to cultivate positive social connections among staff? In your opinion, how does that impact the overall climate within the organization? Is there anything that you would like to do differently or explore further?
  • Becca Levy offers strategies to strengthen positive age beliefs using the ABC method. What do the ABCs stand for and how can this method be applied to fostering an anti- ageist environment within your organization or within your personal life?
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