Why gender equality is not just about women

Why gender equality is not just about women | Caroline Strachan | TEDxFolkestone – YouTube

Caroline Strachan calls for an equal focus on confidence, capability, and childcare as the true drivers of change; she continues to call out the current state of gender equality and describes a new approach to workplace equality. Caroline has spent the majority of her career in the travel industry working for companies such as American Express, Cisco, and AstraZeneca, using her vast experience within the corporate sector to explore the impact of sexism in the workplace. In her spare time, Caroline co-leads a support network, Women at Work, and delivers a number of industry education programs.

Journal Prompts

  • Caroline Strachan describes struggling to find balance between wanting to be a highly successful business professional and being the best mother she can be for her twins. What can companies do to help professional parents develop this balance? What support(s) is/are in place within your company?
  • In Caroline Strachan’s TEDx Talk, she discussed her thoughts around women networks, or affinity groups. Do you have affinity groups, or ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), in your organization? Did your stance on these groups shift after hearing Caroline speak about women-based networks.
  • “Women don’t just become mothers; people become parents.” How do you feel about this statement made by Caroline toward the end of her TEDx Talk?
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