Foundations of JEDI Work
Within "Foundations of JEDI Work," participants are provided with in-depth learning opportunities and actionable strategies to better understand the power of being seen, heard, welcomed, and valued. By implementing these strategies, participants will drive meaningful change and create inclusive environments within their organizations leading to everyone being respected.
Diversity: Being SEEN
Representation across multiple identities is important – and needs to expand beyond a checkbox. Within this course, learners are guided through the importance of truly seeing individuals for their authentic selves and recognizing the importance of diversity – both visible and invisible.
Equity: Being WELCOMED
Equity is different from equality. Within this course, learners are guided through how to ensure access across all identities, based upon needs and current realities. Rather than looking at how to ensure everyone received the same thing, this course breaks down the importance of welcoming accessible opportunities for everyone to be successful.
Inclusion: Being HEARD
Many of us have heard the phrase of ‘having a seat at the table’. True inclusion includes not only having a seat at the table, but ensuring that voices at the table are heard and taken into consideration when decisions are being made. In this course, learners are guided through activities that not only help people share information in a way that is heard and understood, but encourages all of us to reflect within our own listening styles to ensure inclusive decision-making.
Justice: Being VALUED
In addition to being seen, heard, and welcomed, we must be able to value one another as authentic beings that contribute to a greater cause. In this course, learners are guided through the impact of true social justice reform and their role in this transformation – acknowledging that it is only through all four components of JEDI that a sense of belonging can prevail within an organization.

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