Metamorphustice™ is the transformational process of social justice reform. In this course, learners are guided through seven distinct stages of justice reform using exercises, activities, and journal prompts to continue the metamorphosis of justice (metamorphustice™).
Stage 1: Oblivious
You are unaware of the significant impact that identity plays on treatment within society. You were probably surrounded by similar groups (in both demographics and psychographics) throughout your life experiences.
Stage 2: Defensive

You are more aware of how people are treated differently in society. This stage is marked by intense emotions (from multiple possible perspectives).

Stage 3: Savior
You believe in the Golden Rule and want to help everyone around you. You likely focus more on doing things FOR others rather than empowering and doing things WITH others.
Stage 4: Ally
You embrace care and concern within your interactions. You likely have a strong emotional response when involved in conversations regarding social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Stage 5: Advocate

You embrace the idea of empathy. You have a deep level of compassion for others and often use that compassion to make decisions on behalf of others.

Stage 6: Co-Conspirator

You are committed to taking action. The most successful Co-Conspirators use their privilege to empower those who don’t have the same privilege in society.

Stage 7: CHANGEmaker

You view the world through the lens of JEDI practices. Instead of waiting for an issue to arise and reacting to it, you are proactively empowering all identities to be seen, heard, welcomed, and valued.

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