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Georg Kevin Paquet, preferably called Kevin, serves as the Web Developer for US².  Georg Kevin was born in the Philippines, but was raised in Germany where he spent the majority of his childhood before heading back to the Philippines.  His interest for computing and programming got him started working online from home, before it was a trend, all the way back in 2008. Aside from working in front of the computer for the most part of his career, he isn’t shy talking in front of others, having been invited as a guest speaker and workshop facilitator for various tech events in the past.  

Georg Kevin is a WordPress user, developer, and enthusiast at heart.  His technical prowess lies in being able to create websites in his sleep.  Aside from being technically adept, Georg Kevin has also had the pleasure to manage people of all backgrounds within the different businesses he has served.  His management style reflects his personality very much, being known as someone who is easy to socialize with, but always on the lookout for improvements and spending working hours productively.  

A single father of 1 hyperactive daughter and half a dozen cats, he often finds himself hanging out with all the orphaned kittens that were left behind with him – or playing chess with his daughter. 

“The more that I give, the more I am successful”, is a saying that I have lived by all of my life. Whilst I was born into a middle-class German family, I never felt to have anything abundant given to me in terms of things that I wanted.  For example, when it comes to gaming with my friends, I have never experienced being Player One (the one owning a console).  Many of the things that I was able to possess were bought by myself, with money that I earned.  My parents were rightfully frugal, but I didn’t understand that until much later in life.  As I got older, if I had something to share, I would share it with people that I believe may need it more.  

This got the better of me at one point in my life when I started looking not just at work, but also at my personal life, as if it had an hourly rate, wherein I could spend free time doing something better.  Of course, burn out ensued along with the burning of bridges.  I was obsessed with providing my loved ones happiness, from a financial point of view with all bills paid, groceries purchased, frequent food deliveries, and somewhat latest tech for everyone within my immediate family… until the point that I realized that I wasn’t able to give to them one aspect that they desired most – my time. 

My parents never lacked quality time with me, but I certainly did with a number of important people in life.  The most painful part to acknowledge is that time is something that I cannot get back – no matter how much money I make. 

You can be generous in so many more ways than just one. The financial aspect is just the tip of the iceberg.  The best currency, or value, that you can provide to someone is your time.  Time to teach them how to fish.  Time to show them how much you value them in your life.  Quality time to spend with the right people, because time is something you can give, but can’t get back. 

US2 Consulting - Staff
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