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Jayson Gray Sombrio graduated from Davao del Norte State College with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.  His passion in the tech industry began right after finishing his studies.  He started his journey in the virtual world specifically in technical aspects where he received rewards and recognition for being a top performer and consistent with his scorecards.  Jayson realized he could do more and decided to upskill the knowledge he had gained – guiding him toward his VA (Virtual Assistant) Journey.  He started in Digital Marketing and got the opportunity to train as a Web Developer and LMS Manager.  

Before I got this far, I always remember how I got belittled and abused by my co-workers and manager in a corporate world. It all started when I stood up against one of them for unequally distributing workloads in our team and making mine heavier than the rest. I always thought before that they were doing this because they trusted me but they did it for me to fail, make a mistake and take over what I have started. 

After all, I did my work well and didn’t complain which resulted in recognition and rewards from the higher management. This real-life experience made me a better and stronger person. It also taught me how to deal with people and overcome the challenges I may face moving forward. 

I am happy with my career now.  I also remember what I used to experience in the corporate world – and how different my work life is now.  I remember being abused and belittled by my coworkers and managers.  I used to get an overwhelming amount of work – not because of my higher competence, but because my leadership wanted me to make a mistake and fail, so they could take over what I started and take credit for my work.  Although I consistently received recognition for my efforts from higher management, my colleagues and direct managers continued to treat me horribly – ultimately causing me to leave. 

This experience made me a stronger person and taught me how to overcome challenges I face.  I am strong, and will continue to be strong – regardless of how others may see me.   

US2 Consulting - Staff
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