Chicago Native Kenneth “Kenny” White II has led and instructed youth in various school and city programs for nearly ten years. Supervising youth summer camps while studying Psychology and Childhood Adolescence sparked Kenny’s passion for teaching. Throughout his career, Kenny has worked directly with youth from all backgrounds and in various settings. His passion for the work, on both a creative and intellectual level, is contagious. Most recently, Kenny has worked very closely with his colleagues to provide creative avenues for African-American youth to display their gifts, talents, and passions through the arts. He is also the co-host for “Young Voices for Unity” podcast.

As a young, tall, black male I’ve many times experienced sizeism in many ways – even before I knew what it was. As a 6’1″ freshman in high school, it was always assumed I couldn’t do anything else but play sports because of my height. Even though I did play sports, I was pressured to get a scholarship and put any other talents, arts, or passions aside or my height would be a “waste.” My academia and intelligence were not valued by many, because it was assumed that my height and athletic ability would take me to the pros.

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