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Operations Manager

Lacey Fuss serves as an Operations Manager for US². She is a native of Colorado, born and raised. She is a single mother of a strong-willed daughter, Viktoria, and has 3 dogs. Having a legal background, she holds a BS in Criminal Justice with an individualized minor in Diversity and Society from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Though her courses were diversified learning about all races and cultures, her emphasis within her minor was primarily on Indigenous Peoples. She, along with her mother, joined in solidarity to stand with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. She continues advocating for Native American rights and establishing donation drives for Indian reservations. In what little spare time she has, she owns a professional organizing business and a dog rescue that assists with the travel and foster care for animals in stressful situations such as families and veterans experiencing homelessness and/or domestic violence.

Steve Goodier said, “My scars remind me that I survived my deepest wounds.” My scars and my wounds are beautiful; I am a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Though many are afraid to use the term, “survivor”, I say it proudly. When I endured emotional trauma and insecurities, self-doubt, isolation, and depression, I questioned my self-worth. Recognizing these effects, and others, of trauma and understanding the importance of healing is the first step of overcoming and surviving abuse. This acknowledgement alone is an accomplishment. I make the daily decision to teach my daughter, and others, how to survive – through all obstacles. Life will throw all of us curveballs and try to kick us while we’re down, but choosing to move forward and overcome is powerful!

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