Lisa Sullivan

US2 Consultant

 Lisa is the founder of LSV, a strategy and consulting firm, established to empower organizations, companies, and individuals to challenge the status quo and grow.  Before moving into her own firm, she worked in both the corporate and non-profit sectors with a focus on community engagement and relations, philanthropy, and leadership.  Taking a relationships-first approach through her consulting practice, Lisa aims to facilitate equitable investment of philanthropic resources in marginalized communities who, because of systemic oppression, experience barriers in access to resources and opportunities.  Lisa stepped into JEDI work because her vision for a just, equitable, loving, and community-oriented world gives her hope for better futures, a thriving humanity, true safety, and belonging for all.
Nothing takes me from zero to 120 quicker (in other words, makes me angry) than when a person assumes that because I “look fine” that I’m not navigating two complex autoimmune diseases.  People assume that because I’m not limping (at least the day they saw me) or that I climb stairs, that I’m not also working through debilitating fatigue and joint pain.  The assumption that is often made is that because I don’t meet the “typical” expectation of having a disability, that it must not be a part of my day-to-day.  What is “typical”, anyway?!?  This is my experience with being in a body that is differently-abled.  On rough days (and believe me, I have my share of them), I’m reminded that the distance from my car to the storefront seems miles away for me, and nothing but a short walk for those with able-bodied privilege.