Director of Marketing and Communications

Michael Youngblood serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for US², Inc. He holds a BS in Mobile Development and has 20+ years of experience in web development and content management roles in technology industries such as semiconductors and solar energy. When not building websites, he is a dedicated husband and father of 2. You can find him doing science experiments in the kitchen with his daughter, playing (and making) video games with his son, or teaching both how to do something artistic or crafty.

This book’s cover does not match the story within. I have always been judged by my appearance. Being a bigger guy, bearded, and covered in tattoos (and used to be piercings too), I have been mistaken for some sort of mean biker to be avoided. I have had people cross the street so they didn’t have to walk by me. I’ve even been denied job opportunities because I didn’t fit the “company image”. I’ve never owned a bike, nor does my artwork express anything more than a passion for different artistic views. I have already seen a shift in culture where tattoos, some piercings, and beards have become acceptable in most workplaces. I’m pushing forward to see the day my mixed-race family can be more accepted walking down the street too.

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